Monthly Prayer Meeting Schedule 2020 


January, Saturday 11  2020:-  Shiju Thomas


 February, Saturday  15 2020 :- Abraham  Varghese


March, Saturday  14 2020 :-  Lenten Retreat at our Church


 April , Saturday 25 2020 :- Mathew Jacob


May, Saturday  16 2020 :- P. George


June, Saturday 13 2020 :- Thomas K Ninan


July, Saturday 11 2020 :- Premil Jacob


August,  Saturday 29 2020 :- Ashish Anil


September, Saturday 12 2020 :- Jackson Jacob


October, Saturday 24 2020 :- Blesson Samuel


November, Saturday 21 2020:- George Thomas







All are kindly requested to attend                                                     


What do you do in a Prayer meeting?

Welcome to the St. Gregorios, Clifton Prayer Meetings The Prayer Meetings are events in which our members get together to praise and worship and to learn more about the faith. The Prayer meetings are held every month. Our members take turns to host the prayer meeting at their residence.The prayer meeting gives our members a great opportunity to come together to learn more about the faith and to work with each other to build up the strong ties among the members of the St. Gregorios family.

 During the prayer meeting, we have the following activities to help our children and adults to grow spiritually:

Malayalam praise and worship songs
English praise and worship songs
Bible reading (by Children)
Bible reading (by Adults)
Message of the day (by Achen/distinguished guest)

Secretary:- Thomas K. Ninan
Treasurer:- Abraham Varughese.